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Quick Tips for Playing with the New Plastic Table Tennis Ball – For Intermediate and Advanced Play.

Earlier this year, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) ruled that in July 2014 the official table tennis ball for ITTF events must be made of non-celluloid material. Accordingly, most country federations, have followed suit. The effect is that most official tournaments, regardless of what country you live in, now use the new plastic [...]

The Most Important Shot In Table Tennis

By Mr. Zakir Nawab Most professional table tennis players believe that the most important shot in table tennis is the serve. The serve is typically neglected by most beginners and amateur table tennis players; they usually concentrate on improving their rallying and looping skills. There are a number of reasons why the serve is important; [...]

Product Review: Xiom Sigma Euro II – Offensive Table Tennis Rubber for the Modern Player.

Have you ever heard of Goldilox and the Three Bears?  Bring back childhood memories? Forgotten the storyline? Anyway, Sigma  II Euro is the quintessential “Baby Bear” rubber. It plays “just right” for everyone who wants to play modern table tennis. The folks at Xiom have found a winner and it is Sigma Euro II. [...]

Product Review: I-Bond Water Based Glue

Product Review: Xiom I-Bond VOC Water-Based Glue: By Ben Nisbet We at TableTennisStore.US custom make several racquets a week. We have good insight on what glue works well. First, we use TSP Racket Coat varnish sealant to protect our customer’s investment in a blade. You should too! We love TSP [...]

How to Maximize the Potential of Your High Tension Rubber Sheet

By Ben Nisbet Today’s pro tour table tennis professionals are maximizing the “catapult effect” of their high tension rubber sheets by exploding through the hitting zone with ever increasing racquet speed. With perfect ball contact, these athletes are generating wicked topspins and are in essence expanding the size of the [...]

Table Tennis Movie: Never Too Old For Gold

Table Tennis is a genuine life time sport. You can begin at age 6 and still play when you are 86. Never Too Old for Gold captures the beauty of our sport and weaves it into an interesting storyline. The movie is about about retirees who from across the planet come to eventually compete in [...]

My Goal - Breaking 2000

By Alex Polyakov Are you a competitive player? The chances are that if you are reading this blog, then you are likely interested in table tennis and in improving your game. If I guessed correctly, I would like to know whether you have asked yourself a few very simple questions. What is your [...]

Juic Nano Spin II - The longest lasting rubber I have ever competed with.

By Jim Butler I currently practice with Juic Nano Spin II 3-5 times a week, and competed in 7 tournaments without ever needing to change to a new sheet over a 4.5 month period. During this period I had my most consistent performance and best results of this year. I have never used a sheet [...]

New York Table Tennis Weekend - Three Days, Three Great Events, One City

by Will Shortz We have something unusual to look forward to in New York on November 9-11. For the first time to anyone’s knowledge, three clubs — SPiN, the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center, and the Westchester Table Tennis Center — are teaming up to hold big table tennis events in the same area [...]

Olympic Table Tennis – Observations from the 2012 Olympic Games

It has been three weeks now since Zhang Jike and Li Xiaoxi won Olympic Gold for China in the Men’s and Women’s singles respectively.  While the games are over the matches are still available to watch at . Table Tennis as a sport continues to evolve.  This was seen in full colors at the [...]

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